An insight into digital rights: Perspectives from Emerald

When dealing with intellectual property, it can be confusing to know when it’s OK to re-use and repurpose content, and for what purpose. To help make things a little clearer, Emerald’s Cristina Irving Turner held an interactive discussion at the Library Association of Trinidad & Tobago (LATT) conference on 17 March to talk through everything you – as a librarian, author or user – can do with published research.

For Librarians

During her presentation, Cristina defined the role of the library as a disseminator of research and explained how preservation of research can be undertaken; as well as explaining how beneficial it can be to the author and user.

She also talked about the importance for librarians to track usage of research, discussing how it benefits the author as it enables them to track the reach of their research.  It is also beneficial to the user - such as a PhD student - as it helps institutions develop a strong understanding of the most popular research.

For Authors

Cristina explained the ways in which publishers can help you when it comes to the digital rights of your work, and how they can protect your rights as an author by acting on your behalf when there may be instances of copyright infringement.

For Users

Cristina also described the difference between copyright infringement and plagiarism, fair usage policies, and understanding what can be done with your published work and how your library can help you.

Image: Granted.

About Cristina

Image: Cristina Irving TurnerCristina is the Business Solutions Manager for the Caribbean at Emerald Publishing.  Having worked for Emerald for eight years, she has extensive experience in the areas of publishing, commissioning and business development including rights management.