How to solve Caribbean Libraries' problems… in just five days?!

Cristina Irving Turner, Emerald’s Business Solutions Manager for the Caribbean, will be leading an interactive one-hour Spark Lab innovation workshop at ACURIL (Association of Caribbean University, Research and Institutional Libraries) conference in Puerto Rico, 4-8 June, entitled ‘How to solve Caribbean Libraries' problems in just 5 days’.

Quite the challenge, we’re sure you’ll agree!

Emerald Publishing Spark Lab is an innovation process based on the ‘design sprints’ created by Jake Knapp at Google Ventures.

Developed to help Emerald to solve our users’ problems and innovate, Spark Labs enable participants to understand a problem, think of a solution… and then build and test it in five-day period!

It’s intense, but a lot of fun and, most importantly, highly productive.

The purpose of the ‘How to solve Caribbean Libraries' problems in just five days’ workshop at ACURIL is to share our success with the Spark Lab methodology. We hope to inspire librarians in the Caribbean region to apply the process to their day-to-day job; to solve problems quickly, and with limited resources.    

This particular Spark Lab isn’t actually going to take place across five days, but this cut-down, one-hour interactive workshop, led by Cristina and Carol, is designed for 25 participants, and includes:

  • An overview of a Spark Lab
  • The benefits of running a Spark Lab
  • Practical activity – five groups of five participants will:
    - apply techniques to make fast and credible decisions
    - organize ideas and experience an element of the sketch process
    - have confidence to develop rapid variations

We’re certain that people taking part in the ‘How to solve Caribbean Libraries' problems in just five days’ at ACURIL will get a great deal out of it, and will also learn how they can adopt the methodologies to create Spark Labs of their own.


‘How to solve Caribbean Libraries' problems in just five days’ is a vital tool to drive forward the ACURIL conference track: Best Practices in Innovation in the Caribbean.

Taking place in Puerto Rico, 4 – 8 June, ACURIL 2017’s key theme is Multidisciplinary Research in the Caribbean:  A Collaborative Approach.

The goal of the organization is to bring together the community of researchers and practitioners interested in studying the region’s diverse real world issues.

ACURIL aims to both gather the existing Caribbean research community together in one place, and to invite and welcome those with emerging interests in this area. A secondary goal is to focus the attention of the Caribbean community on the tremendous collaborative opportunities for research in the region.