Emerald Publishing launches exciting new titles ahead of London Book Fair

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We’ve launched a number of new book titles, series and products that help bridge the gap between academia and the real world ahead of London Book Fair (LBF), 14-16 March, where we hope to demonstrate Emerald’s growing strength as a books publisher.

These new book publishing developments include:

  • SocietyNOW – short, informed books written by leading global academics, explaining why our world is the way it is, covering topics such as Trump and how the politics of cruelty won in 2016, Brexit, fracking, celebrity culture, and terrorism;
  • Great Debates in Higher Education – accessible research covering the issues facing higher education institutions nationally and globally;
  • Its new short form book product, Emerald Points, which allows academic research to be published free from old-fashioned length restrictions.

Alongside new volumes in its top-selling books series, Emerald also has a number of exceptional titles in the pipeline, including Investment Traps Exposed by H. Kent Baker; Putting the Genie Back by David Hone (Chief Climate Change Advisor for Shell); The Imagination Gap by Brian Reich; You’re Hired by Cheryl Joseph; and Women vs. Feminism by Joanna Williams.

These exciting developments are the first fruits of the significant investment Emerald has been making in its books programme, which has seen Emerald create a new books division led by industry big-hitters and the launch of over 200 new titles across Business, Finance, Economics and the Social Sciences.

Caitlin Cornish, Head of Books Publishing at Emerald, said: “2017 is a really exciting year for Emerald, with it celebrating its 50th year and rebranding in line with its goal of nurturing fresh thinking and publishing impactful research that resonates in the real world.

“The exciting new research we have commissioned – on subjects ranging from the Trump phenomenon to pressing environmental issues and the state of the world in general – is supported by highly accessible new book publishing formats that help bridge the gap between academia and the real world.”

Caroline Summers, Head of Book Sales at Emerald Publishing, said: “London Book Fair provides us with a unique opportunity to catch up with our global sales agents and customers from all over the globe and also to meet with prospective clients.

“With the really impressive strides Emerald has been making in its books programme and its ambitions on that front, LBF provides us with the very best platform to be able to showcase our new brand and our new books and share this with customers old and new.”

To view a full range of Emerald books titles, visit our website where you can also view and download our wider range of catalogues, Advance Title Information and Bookseller resources.


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